Friday, May 25, 2012

Metal Logo

How To Make A Metal Logo Type in Cinema 4D and Photoshop

        In this tutorial, I show you how to make a 3D Logo Type in Cinema 4D using Mograph Text and a bend deformer. I also go over how to texture and light the scene give it that reflective top-lit look. Then for the final composite, we will bring our 3D render in to Photoshop where we will put the final touches on using blending modes, blurs, and curves.
      This tutorial is based off of this excellent identity rebrand by BEELD. Check out more of their incredible work here

Quality Material

 Cinema4D High Quality Material

  This time: Brushed metal out of my 'metal collection' for download
Important: To make this metal more believable, add an (blurred) environment map (HDRI not included) to the respective channel
 hope you can use it one day, so have fun.

Metal text

Metal text to impress your friends 

       Chrome text, chrome logos, chrome, chrome, chrome… everybody wants some bling bling.  What makes metallic textures look so good?  Reflections.  Reflections are easy if you have some text floating in a complete modeled environment.   What if you want some chrome text as an element to bring back into AE for a composite?  Here’s a beginner/intermediate tutorial to show you how you to make it quickly…

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

After Effect Help

 After Effect Best Tutorial Site 
        This web site Provides best tutorials for the after effects and also provides Projects files and all is free out there.
        Tutorials are in video format so it will be more easy to understand and interpret also author is have given his own speech for tutorials and it awesome easy to understand and its fun to listen him.

Tools Are Also Provided

         Site also Having Its own custom built tools and which provides you grate control over effects and becomes helping hand for your projects. projects can help in your presentation or just make them for fun some creativity whatever you like isn't it fun.

Cinema 4D Help

         Its Totally worth it website where you can find all stuff related to Cinema 4D its grate to start with gorilla. Its also providing tools related to rendering and also dont miss his tutorials high quality work.

          So, Don't wait just visit Website and put your comment please if you require some other content feel free to comment .

Power of 3D

Its Reality or Imagination 

        its something imagination becomes reality. now a days movies and all animation stuffs are getting high and high so why we dont understand that? huh what you think .. and also it will fun  :)